Presentations in Varese Ligure (18th August) and Bedonia (22nd August)

In August I had two book presentations in the area where the herbal manuscript comes from: the 18th August in Varese Ligure (Sala della Compagnia) and on the 22nd August in Bedonia (Seminario Vescovile). The first one was an interesting talk (and discussion) with part of the local community and tourists: they were interested in the kind of plants represented in the manuscript, their uses and they talked about their knowledge of plants. I was pleased because I had the feeling that people were genuinely happy about the book and my presentation.

Me presenting in front of the local community in the Sala della Compagnia (Varese Ligure, SP).

The second talk was in Bedonia (Parma province, but just on the other side of the mountains behind Varese Ligure) and it was introduced by Sandro Lagomarsini and Diego Moreno. The audience was pretty old and I was very pleased about it, as it would have meant more plants memories and recollections.

Presenting about the herbal manuscript and the circulation of naturalistic knowledge in the Val di Vara.

In fact afterwards there was an interesting discussion about landscape changes and plants collecting in that area, started by an old primary school teacher and his memories of collecting daffodils (Narcissus poeticus L.) on the Mt. Pelpi, just above Bedonia, in the years 50 and 60: it was completely covered and everyone would have collected big bunches of daffodils, whilst today is strictly forbidden as there are not so many as in the past.

IMG_1509 (1).jpg
From left to right: Diego Moreno, Raffaella Bruzzone, Sandro Lagomarsini. 

I have to say that these kind of talks/presentations are sometimes more useful and interesting than some academic conferences. In both – Varese Ligure and Bedonia – I went back to Nottingham with loads of thoughts and new ideas for my research.


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