Research at the Natural History Museum “G. Doria” Genoa, 30th September 2015

On the 30th September I had a great research day at the Museo di Storia Naturale “G.Doria” to have a look at their herbaria.  The staff is very nice and competent, starting from the Director, Dr. Giuliano Doria.

The herbaria are on the second floor, I could work on my own for the whole day looking through lists of plants and places around Genoa.

In every paper there are information about a single plants: in which herbal, who collected, when and where.
An example for Matthiola incana (L.) R.Br.: place, date, who collected it, for which herbal and who identified the plant.
Alyssum maritimum (today Lobularia maritima (L.) Desv.) collected ‘in Genova, presso la galleria S. Benigno’ around the tunnel of St. Benigno, in 1948 (Mazzantini herbal).
Matthiola incana R.Br. collected in ‘Rupi marittime prope la Cava’ , on maritime rocks around the quarry, 1894 (Sestri Ponente herbal).

I collected quite a few data of plants collecting in the area of the Lighthouse (St. Benigno hill) between the nineteenth and the twentieth-centuries, so it was quite a popular place for botanists!

As always it was quite difficult going through the old latin names to understand which plant is today (particularly with Ray and Willughby’s names) and to get to know the toponym around the Lanterna (around the quarry, next to the tunnel, around the rocks etc.).

I think this will be a good archival part to add to the paper I am working on about landscape changes and plants collecting around the Lanterna, starting with the Nottingham and London material.


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